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Bio-Organic Fertilizer (N4P3K2)

Real Strong Bio-Organic Fertilizer is based on the scientific findings of studies in soil, plant nutrition and agricultural fertilizer systems. Through bio-technology, “live” Effective Micro-organism (EM) bacteria is mixed with high quality organic raw material to produce the right balance in nutritional solutions for the soil.

Real Strong Bio-Organic Fertilizer could effectively improve "damaged" soil structure due to excessive and prolonged use of in-organic fertilizer, and at the same time improve plant resistance to pests and diseases. Real Strong Bio-Organic fertilizer is aerobic and will activate once in contact with sunlight, water and air.

N4P3K2: Basal applications

Bio-Organic Compound Fertilizer

Bio-Organic Compound Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer

Real Strong Bio-Organic Compound Fertilizer is a combination of effective micro-organisms, organic and inorganic materials. By working under modern laboratory technology, effective micro-organisms are incorporated into the fertilizer using special insertion methodology. This would enhance the retention of the nutritional content of the fertilizer and benefit the quality of the soil in the long-term.

N6P6K6: Vegetables, Flowers

N8P8K20: Oil Palm, Paddy

N11P11K11: Fruit trees


EM Liquid Fertilizer

Real Strong EM Liquid Fertilizer is specially formulated to improve the formulation of soil aggregates, enriches its porosity, air permeability, water and nutrient retention. As a result of growing stronger plants with increased resistance against diseases, with higher rate of flowering and fruit setting, the quality of the fruits are improved. Fruits are bigger, sweeter and juicier. Effects are enhanced if used together with Real Strong Bio-Organic Fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizer: General applications

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