Methods of Application
Crop Amount Method of Application
Golf course grasses and Lawn 800 kg/acre or 0.5 kg per m2 Incorporate with soil or braodcast directly then water immediately.
Potted Plants 50-100 g/plant Mix Bio-Organic at ratio of 1:10 with soil medium. Water immediately after planting.
Flower Plants 800-1,000 kg/acre Incorporate with soil before planting.
Short Period Vegetables 400-700 kg/acre Apply 60%-70% of fertilizer when ploughing. Apply balance of 30%-40% at 10-15 days after ploughing
Long Period Vegetables 500-800 kg/acre Apply 60% of fertilizer when ploughing. Apply balance of 40% when shoots appear
Paddy 1,200 kg/hectare Apply 700 kg Bio-Organic 4:3:2 when ploughing. Apply 200 kg/hectare per pound of Organic Compound 6:6:6: at 35 days and 55 days after seeding. Apply 200 kg Bio-Organic Compound 8:8:20 at 70 days after planting or when flowering.
Oil Palm & Cocoa 3-5 kg/plant Apply 3-5 kg Bio-Organic 4:3:2 for the first round of application. Apply 2-2.5 kg Bio-Organic compound 8:8:20 subsequently at 3-4 months interval.
Tea, Coffee & Pepper 1,000 kg/acre Side dress or drill deep
Chilli, Tomato, Brinjal, Ginger, Bitter Gourd, Lady Fingers 1,000 kg/acre Bio-Organic 4:3:2 - Incorporate with soil before planting. 900 kg Bio-Organic Compound 8:8:20. Side dress when first fruits are set.
Water Melon, Honey Dew 1,200 kg/acre Incorporate 40% of fertilizer with soil. Balance of 60% to be divided into 3-5 application, as subsequent rounds at about 100 gram per plant.
Citrus, Papaya, Dokong, Guava, Star Fruit, Mango, Water Apple, Pomelo, Rambutan, Fruits tree, Limau 3-5 kg/plant Apply under tree before growth starts. Add 3-5 kg after first fruit set and after harvesting.
Durian 3-5 kg/plant Apply 3-5 kg per plant when first fruits are set. Apply 5-10 kg per plant after harvesting.
Tobacco 1,300 kg/acre Incorporate 900 kg per acre with soil and apply 400 kg per acre for subsequent application.
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